Sharia Law & Human Rights

Organized by the European Centre for Law & Justice, this conference took place in Strasbourg on January 21, 2019. The Panel included Pieter Omtzigt, Duch Member of the European Parliament, Dr. Grégor Puppinck, Director General of the European Centre for Law & Justice, Mrs. Shirin Musa, Muslim activitst and director of Femmes for Freedom and an anonymous Muslim woman who spoke about her experience regarding Sharia Law.

The following document is made of three parts :

1)  A chart setting forth specific Islamic criminal and civil law;  2) A confrontation between Sharia law and Human Rights in Europe; 3) A summary of the debates of the European Parlementary Assembly about a draft resolution.

Why will Sharia law and Human Rights always be incompatible ? Why is the application of Sharia law a real issue today in Europe ? And why doesn’t it make sense to apply Sharia law only to the willing Muslims ?

These questions and others are adressed in the following document. A must read !,-dossier.pdf

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